Saturday, December 30, 2000

Hi. It might be a few days before I post again. I'm off to the magical land of Nebraska for New Year's. I just got my digital camera in the mail, so I'll be taking lots of pictures.

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Wednesday, December 27, 2000

I just got back from seeing Evil Dead 2 at a friend's house. It's one of those movies that is more funny than scary, but it still gives you a creepy feeling. We watched the DVD version with the commentary overlaid. It's kind of funny as to how the the voice-overs degenerate into this MST3K-like dialogue. Technology can make any movie into a Comedy Central/ Sci-Fi Channel cult favorite.

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Monday, December 25, 2000

God Bless the family vote! We all got together and decided that since we would have to be up early to go to my aunt's house, it would be better to open our presents now. So we were bad and opened everything early. I did leave two presents for tomorrow, so I will actually get to open things on Christmas Day. But since I was out of clothes I kept opening my gifts until I got to a pair of pants, then I stopped. We're all adults here, so I guess the wonder of waking up early and opening gifts is lost on us.

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Sunday, December 24, 2000

I have a copy of the new Wired Magazine, the one with the temperature sensitive cover. You can tell how much temperature varies in my house just by leaving the issue in different rooms. When I leave it in the family room it turns a deep emerald green. If I take it into the warm kitchen, then it turns a mottled lime. When my fingers touch it, the cover reacts and becomes covered in bright yellow splotches. When my dog licks the cover it turns yellow from the warmth of his tongue, and then fades back to the deepest green as the doggy drool evaporates. I'll just have to wash my hands after reading that copy. A few days ago, I saw someone reading the exact same issue on the metro when it was 22 degrees outside. It looked like fireworks were coming from his fingers (he wasn't wearing gloves) and leaving yellow sparks across the cover.

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Saturday, December 23, 2000

It's kind of funny when you come home after you've moved out. Each time I come back there's something that's a little different; it's still my familliar childhood home, but it's enough to remind me that I don't live here anymore. It makes me think of those 'What's wrong with this picture' puzzles that you find on the back cover of highlights magazines. Of course it doesn't help that my mom is really into redecorating.

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Oh, I barely squeaked out of DC. I got the last seat on an over-booked flight using a standby pass and got seated in first class. There had been dozens of people who had been waiting at the airport all day hoping to get on a flight, but I used my priority vacation pass and sailed past them all. I felt a pang of guilt, but then I remembered that as of noon tomorrow I have no where to live in DC, so that promptly disappeared as I settled myself in my first class seat. Kids, trying to fly standby on a holiday weekend is dangerous unless you're an expert, so don't try it without a supervising adult.

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Friday, December 22, 2000

I've redesigned this page, but this template is only temporary. For all of those who liked the last design better, don't worry. I'll be adding php templates so that you'll be able to choose your own template for this site.

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Monday, December 18, 2000

I found a really great link via This is a very interesting perspective of online gaming at counter strike, a team-based online first person shooter.

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Saturday, December 16, 2000

Okay, so through webmonkey I found a neat site called sketchzilla where you can doodle and leave all sorts of gaffiti about whatever you want. So, I left a little picture and a link to my site thinking nothing of it. Apparently I've been getting 33% of my traffic from that site as all sorts of people have been accessing the graffiti boards. It's kind of silly when people are fighting each other for visitors and you can just walk into a whole new slew of people through authorized vandalism.

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On Monday I saw President Clinton speak at the tree lighting ceremony. He and his family sat in a glass box during the entertainment and when it was his turn to speak he stood at a podium that was still behind about 8 inches of bullet proof glass. I'm glad I got to see him speak one more time while he was president. It was worth sitting through 45 minutes of music that I didn't care for. It was kind of hard to see through the thick crowd gathered on the edges of the ellipse, but Clark would pick me up so that I could see over the dense mass of children on their parent's shoulders. I think I'll probably go out tonight and see all of the little trees that are supposed to represent each state.

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Professor Stephanic was also really nice and brought a big tray of sushi for the class to enjoy. We devoured it with gusto. Some one also brought over a really neat Itallian cake that was shaped like a star and a barrel at the same time. So, along with seeing really neat computer based art, I also got to eat some really great food. It almost makes up for the exorbident amount of hours I put into my project.

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Yesterday I had a Japanese exam (which probably won't change my grade) and a fine arts critique. Surprisingly the art critique was a lot of fun and I was really impressed by my classmate's work. Since it was an independent study class, I met most of the people there for the first time.

Of the projects, my two favorites were the digital videos. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping they'll be put on the net soon. One was by Steve and was a matrix-inspired, action-type film. It was about what goes through a young girl's head when she decides whether or not to steal a bag of potato chips. The other one was more artistically based and was about Doug's impressions on movement and the city. If you've ever been to DC, you'll recognize his shots of the National Gallery and the carousel on the national mall.

I was really scared to see how everyone would react to my project. But it looked like everyone liked what they saw (I hope), especially the game. If you'd like, the (almost) finished project can be found here.

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I've had more that one person come up to me and say 'You haven't updated your blog lately.' Yes, I know. But let me remind you that this is finals week and everyone here has lots of little last minute projects to finish and exams to study for.

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Saturday, December 02, 2000

I agree with Margaret Cho's social theory that says that with female friends "there's the smart one, the pretty one and then there's the ho." Let's see how this applies to Charlie's Angels then and now:

Lisa Liu = Alex = Sabrina = Kate Jackson = The Smart One
Cameron Diaz = Natalie = Jill = Jaclyn Smith = The Pretty One
Drew Barrymore = Dylan = Kelly = Farrahy Fawcet = The Ho

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Yesterday I saw the movie Charlie's Angels. It was surprisingly good, probably because it was a movie aware of its own cheesyness. Lots of overdone action sequences, lots of hair, lots of Cameron Diaz shaking her ass. It made me want to go out and buy a pair of leather pants.

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