Saturday, March 31, 2001

The housing lottery is over for me. I got the exact room that I wanted, but not without a few gut-wrenching moments.

The funny thing was that they offered this new building out of the blue, Building JJ. I would not be surprised if the university had written some old lady a huge check for her apartment house just a few hours ago.

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Eeek!! Today is the housing lottery. In less than two hours I'll get to pick the room that I'm going to live in for next year. I have a really good number, but after being burned so badly in housing selection last year I can't help but be a pessimist. I'm really nervous that something is going to go wrong; they'll lose our number or forget to call us or something. Uncertainty makes me very apprehensive.

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Thursday, March 29, 2001

I was so stressed out about my exam yesterday that I accidentally put on two different shoes. Since they were the same brand it looked like something that I had done on purpose. Accidental cool? Probably not. But it did remind me of my Punky Brewster hightops, each shoe was a different color for extra Punky-ness.

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Yesterday was a less exausting than I expected. I woke up early because I wanted to have time to study for my Java midterm. I'm always really scared of exams for programming classes because they are so hard to prepare for. Luckily, this one wasn't a problem and I was done early.

I went and looked at dorm rooms with my roommate for next year. I have a really good housing lottery number, so I think we're going to try a roomy double over on F street. We'll probably convert the double into two singles and live peacefully for that one semester until we both go abroad.

I doubt that there will be any serious friction living with Jess, but living with someone, even someone you really like, is a big commitment. I'm sure we sometimes look at each other and think "It will be okay, won't it?" I'll be glad to have someone to talk to, and somebody who will introduce me to some new people. Hopefully, I won't bug her with my early mornings or tidy nature. And even if living together is a complete disaster (unlikely, I hope), it's only for one semester.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2001

I probably won't have the free time for the next few days to make any interesting posts or commentary. I'll cover spring break later.

But in the meantime, my father has complained that I don't have enough pictures on my site. He asked that these two be displayed:
In Miami At the test cell

If you work at the engine test cell at Delta Technical Operations and would like full versions of these photos, then email me. I will also provide pictures of my father looking stupid. Dad, you know who you are.

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Saturday, March 24, 2001

From the onion: Congress Adds 'All Your Base Are Belong To Us' Amendment To Bankruptcy Bill

Maybe they will change issues tomorrow and you won't be able to find what I am talking about. If they don't then it's the blurb at the bottom of the page. I thought that this was an important domestic policy issue that needed to be addressed.

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I'm home now, back in Washington DC.

It took me less than ten minutes to lock myself out of my room when I got back. Ten minutes, less than the amount of time it takes to do something that usually takes fifteen minutes. I was getting my mail from downstairs, wearing a dumb pleated shirt and no shoes, and when I got back the door was locked. I had remembered my ID card and my mailbox key, but not the particular key that would open the lock on my door. Stupid. Luckily my CF was home and got a spare key for me and she didn't make me sign the card that would start fining me for doing absent-minded things all of the time. She's a nice lady.

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Thursday, March 22, 2001 seems that I am going to have to wait until I get back to Washington before I can post any of my photos. My parents computer lacks most of the software that I need to post jpegs.

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Monday, March 19, 2001

I'm in Miami now. The flight up here was really cool. After everyone had boarded, the flight attendant asked my father and I if we wanted to sit in first class since some of the seats were empty. Luckily it was a 767 Extended Range aircraft, so it had little computer monitors attached to the seats where you could play games or see satellite projections of the plane's route. It's only the second time that I've had a chance to ride in such a plane. My fingers are still tingling.

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I wrote this yesterday, but our connection was temporarily dead:

The heat is broken in my parents' house. We've been scrounging for firewood and have even considered picking sticks out of our neighbors' yards. This is Georgia, it's not supposed to be cold here.

I went out and photographed flowers around my neighborhood today. I'll post some pictures when I recharge my battery enough to upload.

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Saturday, March 17, 2001

I'm home now. My mom drove me to the DMV this morning and it only took two hours of sitting around for me to renew my license. I'm actually pleased with the picture, and now I have a license that's in one piece.

I'm also discovering that my mom really likes spending money on me. I've always felt guilty when my parents spend more money on me than they have to, but sometimes it's just too easy to let it go. Maybe it's because money is starting to mean more to me; not in the "that skirt is $50!" kind of way, but more in the "that would buy groceries for a week" type of vein.

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Thursday, March 15, 2001

This site also has a lot of yummy-sounding vegetarian recipes. It's organized by seasons, which is a nice touch, though the wallpaper on some of the pages is scary. However, much appreciated are the recipes for students and recipes for people on the go.

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Since my roomie next year is a vegetarian, I should learn how to cook like one. I found a great big list of vegan recipes to start with, though they are mostly links that go to lots of other sites. A lot of the directions seem quite simple and with easy to find ingredients. Hmm...candied fruit peel sounds very appealing.

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Things like this are why I'm afraid of lawyers, and even more than that, people who look for chances to sue other people. If I'm ever in Grosse Pointe, Michigan I'll be sure to stop by Atom's Juice Café and leave a big tip. They deserve to be treated better.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2001

Oooh, the monkey person also has other auctions. Bonus: "Shipping will be $50 and item will be shipped in one small envelope with 33 cent stamp on it. I'll also put a little doodle on the back of the envelope for you. This doodle will not be of pornographic nature. It'll probably be a doodle of an elephant."

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I know that everyone probably read this off of Mr. Pants (actually, I don't know that at all, please humor me), but I had to post this just because of the pure genius. It's heartbreakingly beautiful.

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Now that Napster is dying, there is a new place to go for your copyright angst. Dr. David S. Touretzky has created a gallery of CSS descramblers and has made them available to the public. There are over 27 varieties of intellectual property rebellion, even a set of DeCSS haiku.

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Monday, March 12, 2001

I've added a new video. Ben and I went to the national aquarium this weekend. If you notice a fishy theme in the quicktime clips, that's why. The aquarium was kind of run down, but the upside was that there was no one to stop me from filming the animals. The downside was that the security guard left a little early (locking the door behind her) and so we were trapped inside the Commerce Building for a while (a nice curator let us out).

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Thursday, March 08, 2001

Netbaby is a really cool place to find well made, non-violent shockwave games. Ninjagirl2 is my favorite so far; it's an enjoyable puzzle game complete with evil tacos and dangerous hamburgers. This site is produced by the Sweden based Acne corporation and the main page itself has a certain european flavor. It's kind of like a tin tin novel.

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Wednesday, March 07, 2001

For my ethics class I have to build the worst web site I can imagine. I think I'll go with the classic flashing gif background, and a Dueling Banjos midi. Ohh this is going to be fun.

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Sunday, March 04, 2001 that I think about it:
For me, the appeal of Hotel Habbo seems to come mainly from the ability to walk around and do things rather than talk to people. I'm still a bit shy when it comes to interaction on the internet, so I almost cringe when I get stuck in a conversation with someone. Maybe a ghost mode would be ideal. I kind of like observing as opposed to participating.

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I've been hanging out at hotel habbo. It's a really cool shockwave environment; you can make an avatar of yourself and wander around the rooms of the hotel. You can play games and chat with other hotel guests or go to the disco and make your habbo dance. You can also build and furnish your own hotel room or just hang out in other people's creations. I really like the battle ship room, it even comes with a submarine. I love all of the attention to little details. You can even get a drink for yourself at the watercoolers in the hotel lobby. Hotel Habbo is one of the best ways to waste time that I've seen in a while.
me as OldLady hanging out at the hotel

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Saturday, March 03, 2001

Just in case you forgot: All your base belongs to Mr. T.

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Friday, March 02, 2001

Finally! Proof that spring will be coming soon. I'm dying for some warm weather so I can spend the day lounging outside. I hope intellicast is lying about the possiblity of snow on Sunday.

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Thursday, March 01, 2001

Jesus Christ Superstore is one of the funniest things I've seen all week. The best part is that I think it is actually selling the goods that it is advertising, there aren't any joke disclaimers anywhere. I also like the fact that it has all of the major religions covered, but I wish it wasn't sold out of the Ganesh dolls. The Allah action figure is also one you just can't miss.

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Steamy! I've been reading lots of the orginal Hana Yori Dango manga (actually it's only one volume, but I enjoy exaggerating). I need a dictionary to get through most of it, and somtimes I'm stumped by an idiom, but it certainly is a learning experience. To me, it seems like american translations are a lot less subtle than the orginal Japanese, they tend to hit you over the head with facts that the author orginally intended you to infer. Usually you lose some depth that way, but other times it makes clear the things you were only guessing at. Thinking about it, it might be an aspect of language (shrug).

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