Monday, May 28, 2001

Before I moved all of my stuff I had gone to a banquet at the Mayflower hotel. So I ended up moving dozens of boxes in a skirt and Mary Janes, which turned out to be a terrible idea.

The banquet itself was kind of odd for me. It was one of those ultra-swank Washington schmoozing deals where everyone is supposed to make a lot of connections. The whole thing was set up for the Hispanic Scholarship Fund as part of a conference that was designed to discuss how to double the rate of Hispanic students who receive bachelors degrees. As a recipient of one of their scholarships I had been asked to speak at one of the meetings, along with a few other local recipients. The banquet was organized just to break the ice the day before the actual discussions.

the MayflowerI was intimidated by the whole set up. It was held at the Maple Hotel, the oldest hotel in Washington. The building was fully restored and quite impressive (live harp players!). There were lots of corporate donors and political figures, lots of shaking hands and exchanging cards. There were hotel employees with silver platters full of interesting finger foods and an open bar (probably the Holy Grail for college students, but I stuck to Shirley Temples). The other students were quite impressive. The most amazing person I met was Carmel, a Mexican-American woman who is finishing her degree in Business Administration while working full time, taking care of her husband and raising her 5-year-old son. The amount of hours this woman works is amazing.

I left early, before anyone requiring bodyguards showed up so I could finish moving. If you look in the May 23 USA Today on the front page of the life section is a picture of Sarita, the head of the HSF, and President George Bush. I didn’t really want to meet and have my picture taken with someone that I disagree with so deeply, but my Cuban relatives didn’t seem to understand. Leaving early was probably the best idea, although I don’t know if the president even showed up that evening.

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I am part of a program at GW that runs that admissions office and campus tours. There are 18 students in the program and besides working together, we all live together on the same floor of a dormitory. Tuesday was the day that we were all supposed to get together and move all of our stuff, but it wasn't until Friday that everyone was completely moved in. There hasn't been a day this week where it hasn't rained, and it poured and thundered when we were trying to cram our stuff into a residence hall filled with at least 2 dozen other people trying to do the same. I ended up carrying almost all of my own stuff from my residence hall to the car (with the exception of my monitor and computer tower, which were carried by someone else, all of my stuff was packed in small boxes that I could lift without hurting myself). But when we got to my new dorm, there were enough of my co-workers to help me get my stuff up the stairs quickly, much to my tired, sore relief.

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Ugh. This week has been one of the longest of my entire life. I have a lot of back-logging to do.

I started a second job and moved into a new apartment all in just a few days. My new job is great and I like the people a lot, but because of my first job I have to work the earliest shift. I've spent all weekend trying to get out of my sleep deficit. Luckily I've had three days to do this since the office is closed today for Memorial Day.

Besides being tired, my T1 connection isn't hooked up. So, getting the will power to drag myself to a computer lab has also cut into my willingness to write in my weblog. I should probably take some time to fill in all of the gaps of this week.

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Friday, May 18, 2001

The last week has been quite busy, and the next week doesn't look much different. Posting will probably remain quite infrequent.

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Sunday, May 13, 2001

Right on. God forbid that people actually use the internet for personal self expression rather than for making money. I think that most television networks are scared that more and more viewers will be turning off TV and logging onto ad-free non- revenue-generating web journals. Belittling something just because it doesn’t have a corporation behind it is completely absurd.

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Yesterday I had my Art Critique, actually it was more like a party than a critique. All of Professor Stephanic's independent study art students gathered at his house to view our digital design (or whatever you want to call it) projects. There was some really cool stuff. I submitted a flash interface and a few photographs. Oh, and I managed to drink three Snapples; free Snapple is one of the best things in life.

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I tried to post this yesterday, but blogger just wasn't responding.

Douglas Adams died today. If you haven't read the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, please try to find a copy of this wonderful book; eventually you'll find out the meaning of life, guaranteed. For the rest of the fans, you can read his journal here. Douglas is someone I will miss a lot.

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Monday, May 07, 2001

I must play the 'Gay or Euro-trash' game sometime in real life; I just need a few more catty male homosexual friends to round out the roster. The rule in DC seems if it's DuPont, then he's probably gay, but if he is within 200 yards of a monument, then it's probably Euro-trash. Of course, it's possible I'm wrong. I lack gaydar, as I have proven time and time again by my erroneous 'He's gay, isn't he?' comments.

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Sunday, May 06, 2001

When I am King is one of the best web comics out there. What sets it apart is the use of animated gifs and scrolling as story telling structures. The story is also told entirely through pictures and arrows, no words allowed, truly a work for an international audience. While the plot itself is certainly not for kids, those who enjoy cartoon nudity and camel lovin' have certainly found a winner.

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Inertia is a home for the hungarian design community. Since I can't understand Hungarian, it's kind of difficult to gauge the quality of the site itself other than the design. The layout itself is nothing new, but the really eye-catching thing is the 'trigonometric plant' growing in the middle of the page. It never grows the same way twice. I've had the page open all day generating new plants when I have spare time. I am very jealous of whoever thought up such a clever use of flash.

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Saturday, May 05, 2001

No shoes on the carpet, please. Hamano-Sensei invited my Japanese class over to her house for a 'jibun de tsukuta sushi' (sushi I made myself) party. Of course, we didn't have to bring anything besides our own drink. All of the ingredients were prepared in advance and we just assembled them, but they still came out quite delicious. There was lots of other food, too, enough to stuff the dozen or so people who showed up.

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Wednesday, May 02, 2001

Blogger is giving me troubles. Greymatter is looking much more appealing.

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I just joined a photo weblog called Photographica. Thanks to Jonathan for making me a member.

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