Tuesday, August 21, 2001

Alison had the last day of one of her jobs on Monday. She is glad because it was a job that was eating her soul and making her very cynical.

Today she started training for her new job as a teaching assistant for computer science. At first she told herself that she should be very scared because she is probably too young to teach other college aged people. But it was nothing that she really perceived; just something she thought she should feel. But when she had her first day of training and she heard herself addressed as a graduate student, which she is not, she felt real fear churning the complimentary continental breakfast in her stomach. She felt the actual responsibility for the first time and being the only undergraduate in a sea of advanced degree holders made her feel like a twelve-year-old who has been appointed to the city council. Tomorrow she will give a short presentation on case studies and hope that she does not reveal too much inexperience for her position.

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Today Alison finished a book from the second wave feminist era. It had taken her a long time to read because she would have to pause every few minutes to digest the pages like a meal. Half of it she dismissed as whining or narrow-mindedness, but she had to think carefully about the rest and compare it within the context of her life experience.

When she finished with her book it was 7:00 and for the first time in months she craved something heavy and greasy. There were few fast food restaurants in the area except for a McDonalds built by the White House for tourists and their kids. Its the one she thinks of as the 'Bill Clinton McDonalds' because it was the one the former president used to jog to when he wanted something unhealthy; that thought somewhat seemed to legitimize the trip even though she had a kitchen full of food. She bought her meal and stuffed it in her messenger bag as soon as it was handed to her so she could be left alone by the man looking for handouts by the door. She has developed more of a city dweller's thick skin, but there are still times when she feels guilty for walking around with food in front of hungry people, but after being yelled at a few times for offering people food instead of change, she keeps more to herself. The man at the door doesn't even look at her.

But other people stare at her, probably because she looks young and is walking around alone after business hours in DC. Or maybe there are just a lot of people with eye problems in her city. This is something that she has just noticed.

When she gets back home she stuffs herself with fries, watches the sun set over the Watergate Complex and downloads the SNL sketch of Clinton at McDonalds.

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Sunday, August 19, 2001

Miss Alison A. has now moved out of a crowded 3-person efficiency and into her housing for the academic year. The sassy college junior now resides in a full sized apartment with one roommate and has been heard several times referring to her new abode as her 'palace of awsomeness.' Now housed in her very own room with her very own door she will never again have to sit through reruns of Beverly Hills 90210 while she is programming. She also expresses relief at escaping a leering, life sized cardboard cut-out of Austin Powers who would inexplicably appear at the foot of her bed every morning and occasionally utter nonsense phrases such as 'Bring on the sexy stews!'

Brimming with enthusiasm over her improved circumstances, Miss A. is hopeful that her living conditions will continue to be so fortunate.

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For the rest of the month entires in this weblog will be written in the third person.

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Thursday, August 09, 2001

Notes to self:

1. Amusement parks really aren't as fun as I remember them

2. Eating bad yogurt before giving a tour in the 95+ degree heat will result in a potentially embarassing mess

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Wednesday, August 08, 2001

Too many things have happened.

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Thursday, August 02, 2001

When a friend of mine told me about this story I thought he was lying. It just sounded too far fetched and evil. If you don't have a membership with the New York Times, here is the gist of the article:

1. Philip Morris decides it wants to find a stronger foothold in the Czech Republic
2. They issue a study that finds that the Czech Republic will benefit from all of the premature deaths that smoking will cause (i.e. money saved in pensions, housing, etc.)
3. Yes, they were trying to sell the angle that premature deaths from a highly addictive product will help a country
4. People in the US get upset
5. People in the Czech Republic shrug in indifference
6. Philip Morris says it's really sorry
7. Really, really sorry

I can't believe that someone would actually play up the death/ disease causing aspect of a product just to make a quick buck. They must have seen a backlash coming, or maybe they just don't care anymore. Personally, I think paint fumes would be cheaper and with better death results. Perhaps Sherwin Williams should get in on this action.

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Wednesday, August 01, 2001

I was interviewed about going to college during high school for the Washington Times about two weeks ago. The article was published on Monday, but unfortunately it isn't available online. Here is my favorite quote:

It's not a stretch to envision the poised, bespectacled Miss A[_____], now a 20-year-old senior, conquering college at an early age, but not all students possess the maturity needed to make the leap.

It's always kind of odd to read about yourself. It's too bad that I had my interview on the one day where I had decided to wear my glasses, I didn't know that it would end up in the paper.

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