Monday, January 28, 2002

I've never ever had a class where I though the workload was more than I can handle, but my current Japanese course is getting dangerously close. More than anything, I just wanted to come to Japan and take a break from my busy work/study schedule in Washington. But between the long commute and the four hours of homework each day, I'm starting to realize that I might have had more time to relax if I hadn't gone abroad. It's kind of frustrating; there were tons of things that I thought I would finally have time to work on. I was hoping to improve this web page and get started on my next research project. But, alas, I'm writing essays and filling out miles of worksheets. Right now it's wintertime and I don�ft mind spending so much time indoors, but if this continues when the weather turns warmer, I have a feeling that there will be a mass rebellion among the students here.

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Sunday, January 13, 2002

The internet is kind of hard to come by in Japan. My cell phone has web browsing, but unfortunately it can't do the forms to update this site. So I took the one hour commute into school on a Sunday so I could finally update this thing. Besides the tellecommunication expenses, Japan has been suprisingly cheap so far. With the Yen trading so low it's amazing how many things cost the same or less than they would in America.

I've moved in with my host family. I've have a host Dad and a host Mom with two grown daughters who live far away in Tokyo. I have a feeling that I'm their Replacement Daughter/ Pet American. I spend most of my time with my host Mom. She's been really great and has been taking me to all of the historical parts of Nagoya. She doesn't speak any English, so my spoken Japanese has really improved from the constant practice. She's been really forgiving of my mistakes so far. She even rescued me when I almost got on the wrong bus and went to the opposite side of the city.

Class doesn't start until Tuesday so I have another day of goofing off tomorrow. The last two weeks have been pretty restful, but considering that this is a foreign country for me it's been nice to adjust at my own pace.

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