Sunday, May 18, 2003

My graduation was cold and spent sitting in a light drizzle on the ellipse. We were accompanied by the governor of Virginia and an entire band of bagpipes and drummers. I was in the second row because I didn't know where to line up so I stood with the Ph. D. students in the front. Laura had a box of chocolate liquors that we ate praying that the pathetic 5% alcohol by volume would warm us up. It didn't.

My engineering graduation from two days before was much better. It was indoors and I got to sit on the stage with the professors. I won three awards and recieved a good quality pen with each. I proceeded to doodle as everyone's names were announced and everyone shook the dean's hand. Mostly I just looked for people I knew in the audience, I saw my Japanese advisor and my family, but I couldn't find Clark.

I had an appointment with University President on Thursday about the Cooke Scholarship and the NSF fellowship. He didn't know my name or remember it afterwards, but it was nice to be GWU's golden student for a little while. I've won a few acolades this year and a lot of scholarships, but the validation is brief. I'll have to start over again when I start my Ph. D, so I'm trying to enjoy my 15 minutes of fame. The only thing that this reaveals is that I'm a convincing essay writer with good grades, and that will never make movie of the week. Perhaps later in life I could overcome some greater obstacle like blindness or shingles and win a nobel prize or the Publisher's Clearinghouse sweepstakes. That would sell a few biograaphies.

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