Sunday, July 20, 2003

I have just committed one of the few cardinal sins of relationships short of cheating or murder; I forgot that today was my boyfriend's birthday. It's not that I had forgotten his birthday all together, I'd even called today and discussed the present I was going to buy for him. However, in the months before I start my Ph.D. I've been sticking to a strict schedule of wasting time and sitting on my ass. I haven't looked at a calendar for at least a week and I wasn’t planning on looking at one for a few more days.

    My current Schedule:
  • Tomorrow: go swimming
  • In a couple of days: go to Japan
  • Next Month: move to Pittsburgh
Clark gave me a lot of chances, he dropped a lot of hints, and he even made me look at a calendar in order to figure out when I'll be coming back from Japan. Unfortunately, I was too stupid to notice any subtitles and too clueless to figure out what day today is. To his credit he's not mad at me. He's actually happy; that's because he's won the biggest 'get out of jail free' card that has come with this relationship so far. This means that he'll be free to forget me at the airport, spill fruit punch on my shoes, or get drunk and throw up on my carpet -- really, anything short of forgetting my birthday (which would involve much more shrillness should that ever happen). I admit that I burned myself. I can only hope that he does something in the near future (I suggest petty larceny) so that I can keep bothering him to buy me a present (please! I would like a cantaloupe or a left shoe to go with the right one that I got on Valentine’s Day).

In summary: I'm screwed.

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