Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Lucky Veil from a Happy Marriage

Ho boy! My future mother in law sure is a nice lady. Because she has three boys and Clark will be the first son to marry, I am the lucky heir to some of the to M. family wedding keepsakes. Namely, I'll be wearing her wedding veil. My mom didn't have a one of her own. She borrowed her sister's wedding dress and instead of a veil she wore a big southern-belle wicker hat. Yeah, not my taste, really.

So, I dodged a bullet, an ugly hat-shaped bullet. I'm especially excited to have a veil from a happy, long-lasting marriage. It was cathedral length and attached to a lace cap. I say 'was', because I chopped it to bits this morning. I reduced it to ankle length, removed the cap, converted it to a double layer veil, and rounded the corners even more. My mom will be adding trim to the edges with her new serger.

I did all of this with permission of course. At my FMIL's wedding her husband kept stepping on it, almost yanking it off of her head. Most of my their wedding pictures have her cap askew. Amazingly, it is still intact; there isn't one snag or tear. Even so, I felt evil hacking it up.

Measuring and rounding the corners:

Here are my results:
My veil!
Sadly, I only have two photograph faces: eyes-closed or crazy.

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