Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Table Layout

Weddingbees, I need your help. I put together a table layout yesterday to get an idea of what our reception will look like, but I'm torn about what kind of table cloth to use. We're currently signed up for a cream colored tablecloth, but it might make the table look washed out. Orange would be too eye-watering, and bright green would hide the ring of circles and wheat grass around the centerpiece, and I spent far too long cutting them out to lose them. Maybe I should go for a celadon green?

The real layout will be a little more complete. Each green circle will have a pot of wheat grass in a white container and there will be bird of paradise in the center of the bowl of oranges in the centerpiece. Also, all of this will be on an actual table rather than the floor.

The place mats will serve as table numbers and will overlap by approximately the same degree at the reception.

We're going for a kaleidoscope effect and I'm unsure about how to get the colors to pop without giving everyone a headache.

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