Thursday, August 09, 2007

Yay! Boo! Yay!

Inspired by Miss Eggplant's post, I thought I would also post a list of our recent ups and downs.

Yay! All of my bridesmaids have purchased and tailored their gowns.

Boo! Our cake baker just moved to Maryland, though she swears that she'll still get our cake done. I'm worried because we won't be there for the trial run of the design.

Yay! We had enough guests decline so that we will be under budget and fit in our venue comfortably (although no surprises with so many guests overseas).

Boo! We will really miss seeing most of the guests who won't be there.

Yay! Our koi nobori finally arrived! They will be used to decorate the aquarium and the church and they mark our last big wedding purchase.

Boo! Very few people booked a hotel room in our block so we won't be getting our free suite.

Boo/Yay! I fired my photographer and hired much better ones with stellar customer service. Unfortunately, this new photographer will cost a little more, but I feel like we are on the same wavelength and they are worth every extra penny. Thanks for your advice, wedding bees!

Other than the above mentioned photographer, the wedding planning process has been pretty drama-free. It helps that both of our families have been super supportive; this has made it much easier to handle the occasional misadventure and I am truly grateful.

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