Saturday, November 17, 2007

Handing Out the Goods

I've never received an out of town bag, but I decided to give them out because everyone loves tiny gifts in bags, right? They are a fun way to welcome guests who traveled far, but due to the flurry of activity before the wedding might not get to see the bride and groom until the big day. Nothing says love like a nice note and a snack when you can't be there.

It wouldn't be a gift bag without a bag. I screen printed canvas totes with an image of a ticker tape machine:

Gift bags are ideal for distributing two things, information and stuff. Really, the information is the important part. We enclosed the following in our welcome note:

  • A schedule of all wedding related activities
  • Directions to our ceremony and reception locations
  • Walking directions to nearby restaurants that we like
  • A local contact phone number just in case anyone got lost
If you're on a budget, this will be more than enough to keep guests on track for the weekend. The rest of the stuff, including the bag, is just for fun. Our fun stuff included the following:

My mom helped me mix up and package the trail mix in our kitchen.

We handed out a mix of banana chips, sunflower seeds, vanilla rum peanuts, golden raisins and pepitas. Our concoction was a big hit with our guests.

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Friday, November 09, 2007

Crafty Goodness!

There has been a renaissance as of late in the crafting world. Old techniques have been reborn thanks to new technology and a renewed sense of humor. Craft fairs like Handmade Arcade, Craftin’ Outlaws, Bazaar Bizarre, and Renegade Craft Fair feature handmade items that are fresh, inspiring and found no where else. Plus, with sellers numbering into the hundreds there is bound to be something that will knock your socks off.

These fairs are fabulous for finding unique, clever bridal party gifts. Less obvious is that they are also fantastic places to check out local stationers. Many of them will sell greeting cards, calendars, or stationery. It is a good chance to look at the quality of their workmanship up close, discuss pricing and compare vendors. Also, keep your eyes peeled for knick-knacks that can be used as unusual favors or cake toppers. If you can’t find exactly what you want or enough of what you want, many crafters will take custom orders.

I’ll be a vendor at this weekend’s Handmade Arcade. I won't be selling anything really wedding related, but please don't let that stop you from saying ‘hi’ if you plan on attending. It’s always nice to meet bees in real life.

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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Staving Off the Post-Wedding Blues

The prospect of a post-wedding crash is scary, isn't it? Planning and preparation for my wedding seemed to occupy all of my free time for the entirety of my 13 month engagement. I didn't even like weddings before I got engaged, but overnight they became my obsession. I could see that feeling on the horizon, the "What do I do now?" feeling that would ambush me after the honeymoon.

So, stupidly/smartly signed up to participate in a local art/craft show as a vendor. I do this show every year, but I usually take the preceding six months to make/test prototypes and build up stock. With only six weeks between the end of our honeymoon and the show I thought I would take a year off. Two days before the wedding I realized how bored I would be and sent off the application on a whim. I found out I was accepted during our honeymoon and upon arrival back to our abode I have been in non-stop production mode. The show is this weekend and I am finally ready to get off of this DIY roller coaster. I am ready for a break.

I'm really looking forward to getting our lives back. Suddenly the prospect of a weekend trip isn't so terrifying, nor is the idea of spending a weekend on our house instead of running wedding errands or tying a thousand tiny bows. Our housekeeping is in a state of deep neglect and I'll be happy to finally turn the situation around. Our living room has not been dusted for a year and our fridge has turned into a chamber of mysteries.

Mr. Lollipop was excited after the wedding because he would finally have time to exercise and lose weight. He's also psyched about having time to fence in our back yard so we can get the dog he always wanted.

What did you do to chase away the post-wedding blues? What do you look forward to doing after the wedding?


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Sunday, November 04, 2007

What's My Name?

I didn't change my name when I got married. I did this for a variety of reasons, the most important being that I didn't want to. Mr. Lollipop left it up to me from the beginning, and even more so when he realized that my first name with his last name would rhyme just like 'Julia Guglia' from the Wedding Singer. My in-laws and my parents have been supportive of this decision as they have been of all of our other decisions. (They rock!) Finally, we have a baby naming plan that satisfies all concerned parties. Really, I had the least controversial name non-change, ever.

I prefer to be called Ms. MyLastname or Ms. MyLastname-HisLastname. Both work just fine for me. Collectively, we are the MyLastname-HisLastnames, and that was exactly how we were announced at the end of our ceremony. To further clarify matters, we added a note to our program indicating the non-name change and were announced under our own names at the reception.

Unfortunately, in the aftermath of our wedding it seems like only a few of our family members caught these name change clues. Our friends are young and savvy and only a few assumed that I kept my name, but we've been getting lots of checks, invitations, and letters to my non-existent married name, especially from my side of the family tree. Perhaps thank you cards and Christmas cards will be the best vehicle for a subtle reminder, with a polite phone call to some of the repeat offenders. It's very tempting to add a little card with a graph explaining our whole naming system, but I'm afraid it might be seen as too blunt.

In most cases, I don't see it as a big deal, but there are times where I am nervous about getting a big check addressed to a name that never existed. On the other had, I will admit to fantasizing about taking anything addressed to Mrs. HisFirstname Hislastname and returning it marked as addressee unknown.

For changers and non-changers alike, how did you let everyone know what you would be called after the wedding? What did you do with people who didn't seem to get it?

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