Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Lollipops Get Hitched: Part 2 - Please Help Me; I Can't Dress Myself

Part 1: Tryin' to Get the Pretty

Ah, it's been a while. A month or two ago I managed to get a promotion at work. The good news is that I get to run my own project and hire people. The bad news is that I work longer hours and have less time for blogging. Wah! Still, Mr. Lollipop and I had a wonderful wedding day and I really want to share our pictures.

All photos below are courtesy of Purvis Photography.

My arrival at St. Andrew's Episcopal:

My lovely $100 dress, a garment I learned to love again:

My mom and I puzzled over my broken iron. No steaming for us.

Here is the full view of the wrinkles. We never did get the iron functioning and after five minutes I said 'screw it' and put on my dress. Luckily, it was a warm day so the wrinkles fell out on their own.

Sadly, I couldn't put my own shoes on without falling over. Wedding dresses are heavier than they appear.

My mom looked great!

Me with my veil over my face during adjustments:

My veil attached to my comb using tiny neodymium magnets. We did this so I could take it on and off without disturbing my hair.

Finally, a look in the mirror...

a hug from my mom...

...(She did get a little weepy.)...(Aww.)...

...and I'm on my way.


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Old, New, Borrowed, Robotic

Happy dance! We've had our wedding photography proof DVD for a few weeks, but grant deadlines (Sleeping at work! Bah!) have kept me from taking time to look through all 1,400 photographs. I've only been through the first half, but there are lots of lovely detail shots. All photographs below are courtesy of Purvis Photo.

My Something Old: My mother in law gave me her veil and bestowed her blessing to cut it to my needs. I removed it from its original Juliet cap and shortened it from a cathedral length veil into a waltz length veil. My mom used her new serger to add the trim of our choice to the edge. It's one of my favorite accessories from that day; it was a chance to wear a little piece of my mother and a little piece Mr. Lollipop's mother.

My Something New: I purchased new Capezio ballroom dancing shoes. My dress restricted me from putting them on by myself from a standing position. They were well-padded in the inside, but they weren't quite broken in despite several sessions of wearing them around the house. They wore the skin off of one my ankles soon after the ceremony. I'm glad that my coordinator brought plenty of band-aids.

My Something Borrowed: My Mom loaned me her wedding ring and I wore it during the ceremony. Below is a detail from a photograph of my bouquet, my hand is the one with the ring, and my mom's is the one without. My mom is great.

My Something Blue: I wore my blue robot watch purchased when we both lived in Nagoya. The little robot guy was upside down all day unless I checked the time, so I flipped the photo below so that he can look like he is having a little fun.

What is your old/new/borrowed/blue?


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Programs for Everyone!

I know that our programs were yet another element in our 'unnecessarily complicated' DIY wedding tapestry, but I can't help but love them. The covers probably didn't need to be screen printed, but I just couldn't help myself. I'd fallen in love with the color combination and the intensity never would have come through with regular screen printing. Plus, the paper had a slight sheen to it so the ink stayed on top and created a 3-D effect. I'm really thankful that I had the sense (for once!) to keep it to one color because thick layers of ink take forever to dry.

The image on the cover is from series of pictures I took of Mr. Lollipop and myself jumping in front of our green screen. The quote on the cover is from first Thessalonians, chapter 5: "Test everything. Hold on to the good." It's my favorite even if it makes it sound like we've both, um, dated a lot of people.

The outside cover was made of a piece of green 8.5" by 11" paper folded in half. Inside we stapled a piece of tabloid sized paper (11" by 17") that we folded into quarters. That means that we had 8 quarters to work with, front and back. When guests first opened the front cover they were greeted with another jumping picture of Mr. Lollipop and myself along with a short biography of us as a couple.

Next, that portion flipped open to reveal a series of silhouettes of the wedding party memners as well as short, humorous biographies of each person. I've been to too many weddings where I'm wasn't sure who the heck was up on the altar next to the bride and groom (Sibling? Childhood friend? Jail buddy?), so I thought it would be a nice courtesy to fill in all of our guests.

When the program is fully opened the inside reveals a full script of the wedding ceremony as well as a few notes and directions for guests. Most of my family is Catholic and his is fairly non-religious, so we thought it would be a good idea to let them know where to say 'we will' and 'also with you' in our Episcopal ceremony. Plus, I screwed up the directions to the reception in our invitations (oops!), so it was a good place to put revised ones.

Finally, we were able to put some of our thank yous in the last empty quarter on the other side of the program.

The bottom four pictures are courtesy of Purvis Photography.

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