Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Lollipops Get Hitched: Part 4 - The Philosophy of the Ham

Part 1: Tryin' to Get the Pretty
Part 1.5: Old, New, Borrowed, Robotic
Part 2: Please Help Me; I Can't Dress Myself
Part 3: Poise!

After looking at hundreds of sets of wedding photos, it is clear that there are many styles of posed photos. There the formal family shots, of course, with family and bridal party members arranged in rows. There are ones that look like fashion photo spreads with dynamic colors and camera angles. Others emphasize the romantic, featuring a staged kiss or a couple embracing. Finally there are the hammy pictures, the silly ones that will make you roll your eyes or giggle depnding on your mindset. I suppose everyone has some combination of these types in their photo album, varying by personality. In my mind's eye I pictured having lots of fashion photography style pictures with Mr. Lollipop and myself looking fierce, but in the end our true personalities won out and we ended up with dozens of photos of us being wacky/weird/ourselves. It took very little to drag the rest of the bridal party down with us.

However, this didn't start with me. When I met Mr. Lollipop at 18 I was a serious, studious teenager who rarely smiled and certainly never made faces or horsed around. After we started dating he encouraged me to smile more and more.

Eventually, a few years later we both moved to Japan and lived in neighboring cities. He would always escort me in the evenings from Seto back to Nagoya and keep me company on the train. Most of the time we would be in a car by ourselves. It would be pitch black outside and brightly lit inside the car so the opposite windows carried our reflections like mirrors. Mr. Lollipop used to make faces in them at me, and eventually he goaded me into making them back, and soon we were having facial contortion contests. All of my silly facial habits can be traced back to those train rides.

So, during our pre-ceremony pictures we were in separate places, but we each individually decided to ham it up with other bridal party members. If you're inclined to be a little bit silly, I highly recommend it before the ceremony. I would have been a lot more nervous and snippy if I had to squash the impulse. Instead, we had some good laughs and the final moments were happy and relaxed ones. Photographic evidence can be found below.

Mr. Lollipop makes the Best Man uncomfortable:

Ham-tasticness runs in Mr. Lollipop's family.

Some of my ladies were more game than others.

Oh no she di'nt!

Oh yes she did.

Penguin is not the only Bee who likes boobs.

I forget the sentiment that were supposed to be displaying here. It was probably something like 'Hell, no!'

My cousin and I pointed at the plastic Virgin Mary on the altar. It once belonged to our grandparents.

...aaand some normal pictures to balance it out:

All photos above are courtesy of Purvis Photography.

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Monday, February 04, 2008

The Lollipops Get Hitched: Part 3 - Poise!

Part 1: Tryin' to Get the Pretty
Part 2: Please Help Me; I Can't Dress Myself

There was a weird bit of time between getting ready and finally entering the ceremony. We needed to take a few pre-cerenony pictures, but at the same time I wanted to be seen by as few people as possible, and I especially didn't want Mr. Lollipop to see me before the ceremony. My bridesmaids and family members acted as guards and messengers to clear each room before I could advance like a king piece on a chessboard.

All photos below are courtesy of Purvis Photography.

We waited on the landing until the front hall cleared. I can't remember what was said to give me that facial expression, but it was probably something scandalous.

Meeting up with my dad for the first time after getting dressed:

Each of the mothers recieved fragrant gardenia corasges. Coincidentally, the bloom is a favorite of both of our mothers.

The groom and wedding coordinator gave out last minute directions and smoothed unexpected kinks.

Me with my abuelita:

This is one of my favorite pictures of me with my dad.

My mom gave me her wedding ring as my 'something borrowed'. I was expecting her to loan me a different, less sentimental ring, so I was surprised and honored.

We snuck a few pictures in the chapel before the guests were seated.

I can't believe how gigantic my dress looed from the rear. It never seemed that big in the garment bag, but after putting it on it appears that I could hide my own pretzel cart under the train. Mmm...pretzel.

My husband likes pictures of me making funny faces. I did my best Bridezilla for him in this photo.

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