Friday, January 16, 2009

Project #16 - Adding an On-Seam Pocket

This is a follow-up on yesterday's post. I raced through my skirt and forgot to add a pocket. I don't like carrying around purses, so I like to have a spot for my keys, wallet and cell phone on my person, hence, my need for pockets.

First, I used tailor's chalk to trace out a pocket. I like to make mine deep. I cut out a total of four, two for each side. I like to use matching fabric so that it's not noticeable if the pocket gaps a little bit when full.

Use a seam ripper to create an opening on the seam where you want your pocket. Make it as wide as your pocket piece, plus an inch on either side.

Right sides together, sew one pocket piece to one side of the pocket opening. Do the same with the other side of pocket opening and a mirror image pocket piece. Turn to the inside.

Turn your skirt inside-out. Match up the edges of your pocket and sew them together. Sew up the 1 inch openings above and below the pocket in the seam line. Turn your skirt right-side-out. You're done!

It will be a little more difficult to add a pocket to the zipper side. This skirt will be one-pocketed until I figure it out and rehearse a couple of times. I'll carry my cell phone in my bra until then.

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