Sunday, February 08, 2009

Project #38 - Waldo Apron and Apron Pattern

I didn't buy too much fabric in New York. I'm still working my way through my substantial stash from Tokyo and prices at most of the fabric shops were high enough to thwart my usual fabric gorging. One place that had reasonable prices was the New York Fabric Warehouse at 406 Broadway just outside of Chinatown. Most of the fabrics available were the type of low quality, high ugliness level fabric that one would find in any fabric store bargain bin. However, standing on end in a corner was an enormous roll of Where's Waldo fabric with a border print and scenes from the book series.

Clark and I love Waldo, so I was willing to overlook the fact that the material was a cotton-polyester blend. Polyester is a no-no for comfy clothes, so I would have to use my 1.5 yard cut on something else. Most of the scene panels will be turned into novelty cushions, but I'll use the rest of the fabric into an apron to take advantage of the fun border print.

I have a few patterns for aprons, but I always feel a little silly buying them when they are easy to draft from scratch. My apron pattern is essentially two rectangles, one larger than the other, and two skinny rectangles for the straps.

First, create narrow hems along the sides and bottom of the lower apron rectangle and finish the top edge. I used a serger, but a strong zigzag stitch will work, too. Next, narrow hem the smaller upper apron rectangle on each side and finish the bottom edge the same as the lower rectangle. The top edge will be encased by the upper strap, so don't worry about it.

Add a two rows of 3.5 mm stitching to the top edge of the lower rectangle and gather the fabric until it's the same width as the upper rectangle. Stitch the two pieces together.

Now it is time to stitch the waist strap together. Fold the strap in half, right sides together, and stitch, forming a long, narrow tube. Leave a four inch gap in the stitching near the middle. Sew up the ends of the tube. Trim and turn, pulling everything through the gap.

Iron the strap flat and topstitch it to the apron, covering the seam between the upper and lower apron.

Stitch the remaining strap to the top edge of the apron, right sides together. Double the strap over on itself, covering the exposed seam allowance. Iron into place and then top-stitch the strap into place.

Apron accomplished!

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