Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Project #54 - Pop-Up Cutout Scene

I usually work with bright colors whenever possible, but sometimes it's a nice change to stick with one neutral tone for a project. I suppose I might save this pop-up scene for when someone I really like moves and throws a housewarming party. I could even slip in a gift card under the lawn.

All of the pieces, like this house, have some extra cardstock at the bottom to help them standing up. Also, instead of using a straight crease at the point where the house meets its its horizontal half, I made a slightly convex fold. This helps the figure to stand up when the box is opened and saves me the trouble of attaching everything to the lid of the tin. They all stand up on their own.

I like having graph paper to help me plan illustrations, so I used graph index cards to help me sketch out each cutout. I sketched out each tree before cutting them out with my craft knife. I'm a little tree obsessed lately, so I've been looking for excuses to add them to a project. These trees are a little bare, but that's how they look in early spring when the tulips arrive. Right? I can't remember.

I'm left handed, so I cut out the branches left to right and remove the excess cardstock piece by piece.

The entire scene folds neatly into a Harrogate toffee tin. The toffee itself wasn't very good, all sugar and no butter. I have a hard time forgiving sub par toffee, but the nifty packaging kind of makes up for it.

Each of the pieces was slotted into a card cut to fit the bottom of the tin. This keeps the scene looking neat and spare. Plus, using the slots meant that I could put together the whole piece without glue. That means that I'll be able to switch out the figures if I think of something better.

The details:

The scene from the back

A view from the side

The trees in the front yard

A closer look at the windows

A doggie!

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