Thursday, March 12, 2009

Project #69 - Sprouty Skirt

It's Thursday again so it's time for another skirt. I'm going with a sprouty theme this week; I finally started my early spring planting and I've been pacing around waiting for everything to germinate. This is my sixth skirt for the year, so I might take a few weeks off of Make-A-Skirt Thursdays so that I can pace myself for the remainder.

Speaking of clothing excess, I finally cleaned up the floor of my room a few days ago and now my circa 1925 closet is completely full. The pole is bowing alarmingly and I have to lean against the door to shut it. I'm going to have to invade and colonize closets in the rest of the house in order to find places to wedge this new skirt and the rest of my clothes. Would it be such a bad thing to keep the vacuum and all of out boardgames in the basement?

Not that any of this is going to thwart my plans for making even more clothes. Clark and I have been piling up clothes in the hallway for Goodwill, but its getting harder as more and more of my wardrobe gets to be stuff that I made myself (I think I'm at about 30%). I don't find it hard to toss my ill-fitting and unflattering store-bought clothes into the reject pile, but it's another thing to get rid of the handmade stuff even if it's also ill-fitting and unflattering. That's because each represents hours of work, and each represents a valuable lesson, like the dress that taught me that I should avoid dropped waists with A-line skirts, or the skirt that showed me that my butt is too big for certain pencil skirt cuts. It's tough to part with these lessons, but it's gotten to be too much and I need the closet space.

I think I'm going to hold my nose and toss out the biggest mistakes this weekend.

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