Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Project #99 - Green Cotton T-Shirt

This shirt took 30 minutes to make, minus the hand stitching around the neckline and hem. That's half an hour to cut out the pieces, sew them together, and take a snack break. I can see why t-shirts are so cheap and plentiful; they're comfy, versatile, and probably take less than 10 minutes for a professional to make.

I was talking to some friends about clothing construction a few months back and it dawned on me that most people still think that clothes are made by big machines where people dump fabric in on one end and finished garments come out the other. It's like talking to suburban kids who have never seen a farm and think spaghetti grows on trees. Nope, there just aren't machines precise and talented enough to do real sewing without a person pushing on the petal. I used to imagine the the pattern pieces would just be stamped out by machine, but now I know there are always people on staff who do nothing but cut fabric in any clothing factory. So it's really not that different from sewing a t-shirt at home, except that the sewing machines are much bigger and faster.

It's weird for such a simple garment, but it's tough to find a pattern that fits just right on the first try, especially one that fits lady curves. I like the raglan sleeve and the high neckline on this pattern. I reminds me of a t-shirt I had years ago and loved, but lost in a chaotic move. It's from B5335, which is turning into one of my new favorite wardrobe patterns. I think I might adapt this into a dress pattern next.

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