Monday, May 25, 2009

Project #136 - Olive Oil Crisps

I made it a whole week without buying any snack foods (yaaay!), though I did break down and eat some stale girl scout cookies (um, boo?).

I've been holding on to this recipe for olive oil crisps for my next foray into the world of cracker making. Oh man, I think these might permanently supplant pita chips in my life. Even the raw dough is crazy tasty!

I made a few changes to the recipe mostly to account for my lack of fancy flours and innate lack of initiative. I replaced the whole wheat and semolina flours with bread flour and used regular salt instead of sea salt. I also just stretched the dough with my hands pizza style instead of getting out the rolling pin or pasta maker. (My pasta maker is for polymer clay only, folks.) My crisps were a little thicker as a result, and the finished product was still crispy, but not crumbly, like a fresh baked pita chip. Mmmm.

I also covered my crisps with chopped herbs from the garden (swiss chard, chervil, thai basil and chives) and covered that with asiago cheese and a drizzle of olive oil. Oh yeah, baby. This is why I bother with the weeding.

I think my version of this recipe might also be right for a homemade pizza crust. I'll try it out the next time I make dinner.

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