Sunday, June 28, 2009

Project #167 - Home-Cured Bacon

I've gone off the deep-end and decided to try my hand at the BLT from scratch Summertime Challenge. That means growing my own lettuce and tomatoes (check!) making my own mayo and bread (no problem!) and curing my own bacon (umm...). Wait, is that even possible at home without fancy equipment? Of course it is! I just need a little help from the New York Times.

Two days ago I went to the butcher at Wholey's and bought my own pork belly, a cut called 'fresh side' oddly enough. Wouldn't a pork belly be a 'fresh bottom' or a 'fresh underneath'? It still has the skin attached, which is a little creepy, but I'm told it makes the best soup stock.

According to the New York Times I just need to rub my pork with spices, let it cure in the fridge for a week and then dry it out further in the oven. I think I can do that.

Okay, we are GO for bacon. I'll post what cooks up when the cure is done in a week or so.

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